Whitby, Ontario
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  Whitby, Ontario
Specialist in: a) Microsoft Office Training and Process Automation; b) developing cutting-edge, next-generation Websites and Database Applications; c) providing affordable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions and training (using Sage ACT!)

About Me:

I’m an IT Consultant, specializing in:

  • Business Analysis,
  • Business Systems Analysis,
  • Business Intelligence Analysis,
  • Enterprise Reporting & Automation,
  • Business Process Improvement,
  • Microsoft Office Training & Automation,
  • Sage ACT! (CRM) Implmentation & Training,
  • CMS-Based Web Development,
  • Android Automation

You could also say that I’m an Audiophile, with a special interest in tweaking and collecting Vintage Audio. I also enjoy building things myself.

Some of my other interests are:

  • Photography
  • Technology (Linux, Android etc.)

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Some Fun Stuff :-)

Microsoft Office Training & Automation

In addition to providing one-on-one, customized training for Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, I also help (and even teach) you to both automate and integrate your Office-related tasks and processes in order for you to save time and money, and improve accuracy.

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Web Development & Social Media Integration

I specialize in developing future-proofed, cutting-edge, next-generation websites which not only help make you the envy of your competitors, but will also put you in the league of billion-dollar organizations.

I can also implement, customize, and train you on the use of Social Media to help you grow your business.

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CRM (Sage ACT!) Taining, Integration & Customization

Using an affordable, powerful, off-the-shelf CRM solution I will help you setup and customize not just your Sales, Marketing, and Contact Management processes, but also your entire Business Management System (BMS) - no matter what business you're into.

Needless to say, I will also provide you with the necessary training to maximize the use of your new CRM and BMS system.

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February 2018
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I wanted to let you know my printer is now working with Windows 7 and I did not have to change any hardware. Cyril Rose programmed it and saved me the $800 for a new wireless printer. While this was not cheap, it was cheaper than a new printer. If you have other clients who have encountered this problem, now that the solution is known, it would be a lot cheaper than what it cost me.


It is a pleasure to offer a testimonial for Cyril Rose. In my volunteer life I was faced with the task of analyzing 71 rather complex surveys each containing some 85 separate numerical responses. The task may have been relatively easy if we just needed a particular view of the results. Unfortunately we needed to examine the results for the whole, then for certain age groups, then for those with major involvement and so on. To do this manually would have been overwhelming. Cyril came to my rescue, examined the survey questionnaire and went away and developed a program which would allow me and my committee members to input the over 6,000 responses and then look at them as pure numerical counts or percentages of the whole as we needed. We can also look at the numbers for a subset of the whole by simply deselecting "all" and identifying the parameters we required. The results were timely and very helpful.

The process of working with Cyril was very positive. As mentioned above Cyril met with me and we developed the outcomes I needed. He went away and in a very short time, about 4 days two of which were a weekend he had a prototype for me and then just a few days later we had the real thing. Mission accomplished in less then a week. We did the input and received most of the results we expected. Cyril then took it away and overnight upgraded the coding till we had the ability to extract all the answers we needed.

My experience with this unique Excel based service was excellent and I would not hesitate to recommend Cyril to examine a situation and develop a user friendly solution using sophisticated software.