Whitby, Ontario
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  Whitby, Ontario

About Me:

I’m an IT Consultant, specializing in:

  • Business Analysis,
  • Business Systems Analysis,
  • Business Intelligence Analysis,
  • Enterprise Reporting & Automation,
  • Business Process Improvement,
  • Microsoft Office Training & Automation,
  • Sage ACT! (CRM) Implmentation & Training,
  • CMS-Based Web Development,
  • Android Automation

You could also say that I’m an Audiophile, with a special interest in tweaking and collecting Vintage Audio. I also enjoy building things myself.

Some of my other interests are:

  • Photography
  • Technology (Linux, Android etc.)

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Some Fun Stuff :-)

Tutorial: How to setup an Awesome-Sounding, More-Portable, Open Boombox using a Raspberry Pi and Squeezeplug (v2)

This tutorial is almost identical to my other one – http://cyrilrose.com/?p=214, the only difference being that I’m now using a smaller set of main speakers (Realistic Minimus 7) – see picture below – which in turn makes this setup a lot lighter and therefore more portable.

Needless to say, the sound quality of this setup is not as rich and full as v1 (Bose AM-3 setup), due to the fact that the Minimus 7’s only have a 4″ bass driver. Ultimately it comes down to what you’d much rather prefer: more portability (while compromising sound quality), or better sound quality (while compromising portability). Of course, it’s nice to build and have both versions lying around so that you could chose which one you want to use depending on the situation.

I’ve now put on my “thinking cap” (and gone back to the drawing board) to figure out how I can improve on v2 such that I make it lighter, while also allowing for the main speakers to be easily and quickly moved further apart for a better/bigger sound-stage and therefore a better listening experience.

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